Facebook Augmented Reality goes into games

Facebook is testing Augmented Reality on their instant games platform.  Engadget recently visited the Facebook Office and has reported some cool Augmented reality based Messenger game that are scheduled to be released later this year.  Check them out.

Kitten Craze (pictured above), which will launch later this year, lets up to six different Messenger users play a game where they have to move their head side to side in order to avoid flying cats. To make things sillier, those flying cats are either making weird faces or have cool curly hair. It’s kind of like the classic arcade title Galaga, except no one is shooting at you and instead of airships, there are kittens coming at you — well, your face.

Another AR game that’s arriving soon on Messenger is Just Beachy, which requires less effort. Instead of trying to reach a high score, you can just bounce a beach ball back and forth with people on your video chat — and you can add sunglasses and hats filters to your face, to boot.

There are games you can start playing now though.  Facebook has recently made available Don’t Blink, Don’t Smile and Asteroids Attack, all of which have augmented reality features and can be played with up to six of your friends simultaneously. The first two are self explanatory: Your goal is to not be the first one to blink or smile, which is hard to do when you’re staring directly into someone’s eyes and they’re making funny faces. If you manage not to lose your composure, you’ll get rewarded with an AR golden sun on your forehead. Meanwhile Asteroids Attack is similar to Kitten Craze,but here there’s an airship attached to your nose and you have to fend off the asteroids dropping from the top of the screen, either by rocking your head or shooting them with a laser.


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