Myopia leads to China Regulating their dommestic gaming market

Last week was a tough week for Chinese Video Game companies as share fell across board from the recent Government plan to control the number of online games to be released in the Chinese market as part of the plan in preventing myopia among children.


In other worlds Nearsightedness.

But in fact, myopia has become more prevalent in recent years as study show that Myopia has grew from 25% of the U.S. population (ages 12 – 54) in the 1970’s to a 16.5% increase to 41% of the U.S, Population since the 1999 – 2004.

The reason for this nearsightedness amongst Americans is still unknown but many eye doctors feel that it has to do with the eye fatigue from using the computer.

The latest Government plan is going to hinder the growth of the fastest growing Gaming Nation in the World, and not just China but many gaming companies are going to feel the pressure.

This new regulation was announced last Thursday from the Chinese President Xi Jinping issuing an Important Directive to protect the eyesight of our youth.

President Xi Jinping directive has been followed up by the education ministry to follow up with a regulatory statement to control the number of internet games, as well as the number of new titles which was backed and signed by 8 other ministries.

The data for the effects of gaming and Myopia and China has not be released but has been reported that the increase in Myopia with children was increasing.

Check out the below post regarding the growth of Myopia in the east

China’s myopia epidemic: why a simple solution is being ignored


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