Facebook Instant Games helps out the developers

Facebook’s Instant games is looking to grow their developer community as they look to carve out a niche in ever saturated mobile app market and what they did was exemplary for any major platform that struggled to find relevance in the app market.

‘They bit the bullet’

Facebook decided to drop the previously proposed instant games revenue share when releasing on Android devices.

Back in May 2018, Google Play pitched an IAP system where all games released on Instant Games where on top of Google taking 30% Revenue share for any sales off their platform, Facebook will take another 30% off of what is left which left the developers around 49% of Revenue generated through games released off the instant games platform.

Bob Shin, the Facebook Director of Games partnership for Europe, the Middle East and Africa has explained that Facebook has decided to reshape their platform strategy and focus their efforts more towards the developers instead of their new platform.

As of August 1st, 2018 developers who experience any IAP on the Android Platform will receive the full amount of the Android IAP revenue after Google takes its 30% cut.

Facebook will still continue to take their cut 30% for all IAP that has been conducted ont heir on Web version of the App.


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