Targeted Events System

As the Mobile Sector saturates and the cost for user acquisition balloons small mobile Start ups and major publishers are both feeling the crunch of maintaining a profitable business.  Advance analytics have brought in a new wave of analyzing mobile games and fostering these designs towards profitability versus fun.

The crunch and high cost has forced a lot of studios to maximize each individual users are data sets like

LTV (Life TIme Value)

ARPU (Avereage Revenue Per User)

ARPDAC (Average Revenue per Daily Active Customer)

ARPI (Average Revenue per Install)

These key, topline metrics directly influence the direction of the product and improving or maintaining these metrics determines how much is re-invested into the project.  

Targeted Offers

Targeted offers have been the feature of the past few years as the investment for AI, and Machine Learning have grew this market significantly.  Supercell has taken advantage of this technology by including a targeted offer system in their in-game store.

Daily Deals:

Targeting deals for specific players and there motivation to progress helps increase their conversion rate significantly.

Special Offers are more direct to specific players or a cohort of user.  These Special, ‘Limited Time’ offers utilizing, (or what i’m speculating) can help move the needle a certain direction.

As developers learn more about machine learning and the power of Targeted Offers, many light game developers were finding it difficult to utilize these new fads as their product doesn’t really offer much to create a deep learning targeted offer system.  



Let’s take a game like Candy Crush.  Booster and Energy Refreshes are fundamentally the only product they can sell in their store versus, Mid Core RPG games that can offer anything from New Characters, Levels, Aesthetics, Boosters, Passes, pretty much any viable monetization mechanic there is in the industry.

The Emergence of Targeted Events.

What i’m recently seeing in the market these days are light core game developers are adopting a Targeted Event system.

What is Targeted Events

Targeted events are events that are created for a specific cohort identified based on specific variables.

So what this means is that if a game creates a global leaderboard. There’s nothing really exciting about being 100,344, out of 1,000,000 users.  So what these developers have done was created a 100 player targeted cohort leaderboard for a limited time, and let them compete against the possibility of winning a tailor made reward for that specific event.

Targeted Event Adoption:

Toon Blast has recently incorporated this system into their game where they develop a system where a ‘Star Tournament’  is trigger based on an ‘unknown’ condition. This event batches up 50 players from ‘somewhere’ and let these players compete for 39 Hours to ‘get amazing rewards.

This system forcus’ on 2 metrics.

  • Engagement:  To participate in this tournament a players is required to complete ‘a’ stage
  • Conversion:  Based on the reward the player is required to earn the most stars in the next 39 hours, which will inevitably increase conversion for these 50 players.

In the next couple of years, as each players becomes more and more important to maintain and in-directly create a unique experience for all these players.  Targeted Events will be the upcoming flavor of the year features to sustain any top line metric product managers will look to achieve.



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