Riot Games Investing into the Mobile Space



“As the line between Mobile and PC /Console continue to blur, the portability and accessibility of mobile creates an even brighter future for competitive gaming and E-Sports”

Gamelynx CEO Alexander Mistakidis


After raising $1.2 Million, the Santa Monica Start up Gamelynx is attempting their rendition of a viable E-sports game on Mobile devices.

Backed by Investors like Riot Games, Y Combinator, Skycatcher and M Ventures, according to  the company plans on making a mobile game strictly for the hardcore with a fast-paced competitive component to it.

The strategy is interesting as this company looks to completely neglect the engagement post i wrote early and the difficulty in maintaining interest in a Actively engagement product.

Gamelynx CEO has mentioned that the lines are getting blurred between Mobile and PC which is true but anticipating that a mobile product will be just as viable ‘in terms of experience’ as a PC / Console game is something i don’t see happening in the next 2 -5 years.  I mean fundamentally, how does a a touch control scheme ever compete with a Mouse ‘micro’ management system.

If Gamelynx has the idea ill be very interested to know, but as for now i’ll stay on the sideline and just watch like a fan.






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