China Mobile Market expected to grow to $24.7 Billion by 2020

Below is a breakdown of what the China gaming market is and can look like as we head into 2020.



Based on the user size, Niko Partners projects the total potential market size for gaming market in China.  Below are some of the numbers they have reported

  • 350 Million Online PC Gamers by 2020
  • Mobile gaming market to grow from $16 Billion (2017) to $24.7 Billion in 2022
My Opinion

Although i do believe in the potential of the mobile market growth, i’m not totally aligned with the the assumption that there will be 350 Million online PC gamers in the next 4 years as the PC becomes more and more redundant as the specs for the mobile increase, inevitably replacing the PC, and based on the this report, i do expect a minimum of $24.7 Billion China gaming market as Mobile will continue to grow as the PC market consolidates.






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