Incoming Playable Ads

Both Google and Facebook are leading the way with Playable Ads that ‘are’ or ‘in testing’.

For those that don’t know what playable ads are, its basically what the name represents, ‘Playable Ads’ meaning ads that sit on the website where players can actually interact with the game and test to see whether this is something they want to play or not.

Google Playable Ads

Google has beat facebook to the punch with playable ads as they launched their version during their keynotes at GDC.  Falling into the Rewarded Ads category.  They have also released something called the multiple ad option which gives players the option to view which ad they want to watch in exchange for the in game reward.

All these new rewarded ad features will fall into the normal bidding system where the highest bidder per selected segment will get first dibs on the fresh eyes of the targeted user.



Facebook Playable Ads coming soon

Facebook has recently started testing ‘Playable Ads’ last week with a couple of dozen first party developers.  Facebook plans to discuss more about this format in their F8 2018 conference that is set for May 1, 2018.

The plan seems to release this ad format later this year, displaying the ads in the users news feed.

The overall objective for both companies to start running playable ads is to drive more download to the product and letting players first engage may be the key to higher conversion.

We’ll See.









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