Tapjoy’s insight on the effectiveness of Rewarded Ads

Tap Joy, one of the leaders in the Ad based business platforms have mentioned that players that complete rewarded ads during the first 2 weeks of app engagements yields a higher 30 day retention than those that don’t.

Tap Joy has released a Maximum Impact Report: Exploring the Effect of Rewarded Ads on User Value.

Below are some  key points that were mentioned in this report.

  • Users who complete over 20 or more rewarded ads yielded an
    • 89% higher chance in engagement.
    • 76% higher retention
    • 75% higher chance for an in-app purchase

(This data is compared to players that view 5 or less rewarded ads)

The report fundamentally suggests that increasing the number of quality ads viewed will increase engagement. This does not mean to spam your players with unwanted ads but rather incentivized your users enough for them to watch rewarded ads as they play a roll in increasing engagement and retention.


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