Facebooks Instant Games opens the door to everyone

For a good 18 months, Facebook has been closed beta testing their instant games platform with select amount of developers and over 200 games on their platform.  Partnering with the likes of Zynga, Kiteretsu, Glu. Facebook finally opens the door for all developers to develop games on their instant games platform.

The API includes:

  • Ads API now available for all developersFollowing our initial tests late last year, we recently rolled out ads-based monetization to all beta-partner developers. All new developers building for Instant Games will have access to our Ads API, as well. Formats include interstitial and rewarded video ads powered by Audience Network. We’re seeing some initial, encouraging results from closed beta developers that have integrated Ads. Check out the success story from FRVR , the devs behind Basketball FRVR to learn more.As originally announced in October, we’re also continuing to test In-App Purchases.
  • Ads Optimization & Measurement toolsDevelopers will also have access to our recently introduced Monetization Manager, the new destination for managing monetization and performance with Audience Network. Monetization Manager will help Instant Games developers maximize revenue with advanced optimization tools, simplify management of ad placements across apps, and provide enhanced analytics functionality and deeper reporting. We also added Instant Games specific reporting into Facebook Analytics to help developers understand and optimize the unique social contexts of the platform.
  •  Cross Promotion & Deep Linking
    As developers build audiences on Instant Games, it’s critical to be able to cross-promote between relevant games on the platform. With Game Switch API developers can now cross-promote new games or game updates to its existing player base across the Instant Games platform. Developers can also now create deep links to directly send players to their game outside of Facebook and Messenger channels.
  • Dynamic Ranking updatesDuring our closed beta, we’ve honed our ranking algorithm to dynamically surface relevant games based on recent play habits and interests. Our updated ranking algorithm is designed to help developers reach a wider and more relevant audience of players.


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