Google announces new ad revenue streams

Google Play has just revealed new advertising features through its Adwords and Admob services aimed at giving developers new marketing options to reach users.

Google Play Revenue Sources

Google Play Store has added a video feature in their store allowing users to view video related ads into the store.  Google has also introduced a new feature for UAC that gives developers an option to share their in game data which will then allow google to find players like those already playing your game.

A new concept of ‘Similar audiences’  which looks to begin beta testing in May 2018

Admob Revenue Sources

Admob has annouced 2 new rewarded ad types for developers that will be released in the next few months.

  1. Playable Ads
  2. Multiple-options video ads

Google has also announced a new beta for Open Bidding that will let networks to bid to serve ads in a developer’s apps. With the objective to increase competition and increase revenue while producing simplified and a valid performance report.



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