Welcome Honor of Kings in the Billion Dollar App Club

Theres has been another addition to the Billion Dollar App Club and i’m going to have to apologies to Tencent and China for missing this one but Tencents, Honor of Kings, aka Arena of Valor has been raking in a Billion dollars in revenue for the past few years as one of the most successful mobile titles out in China, permanently cementing itself at the top.

What is Honor of Kings  王者荣耀

You can consider Honor of Kings an anomaly, an exception to the rule as the game completely dominates the China App store for months on end.  Since it’s launch back in 2015, Tencent has regularly cited this game as one of the bigger drivers in why their earnings grew year to year, and back in December of 2017, Tencent finally released a global version of this game, rebranding the entire game to focus on the western market.  

They even changed the name to Arena of Valor and hired a completely new development team to focus specifically to the Western market.  It’s still hard to tell whether this game will make in the West as it current sits in the top 300 in top grossing games in the United States.  You can notice an initial pop to the 43rd spot but you can immediately assume this was due to Tencent spending millions of dollars on market to acquire these users.  

Moba’s in the West have been a difficult sell as games like Vainglory have been around for years but the western users just don’t seem to adopt hard core action RPG games.  Gungho and Mixi have experienced similar fates in the west where there hit titles, Puzzles & Dragons and Monster strike did little to gain traction here and a lot of speculation remains for what will happen with Arena of Valor.  But i guess only time will tell.

Behind the numbers

Just a bit of a back drop on Honor of Kings, this game was released in China back in 2015 and since than  the game has grew to over 200 Million players and reportedly 50 million to 70 Million Daily active users (DAU).  this game is maybe the most popular game in the world that noone has ever heard of.

Easily earning over a billion dollars in Revenue on a yearly basis, it is clear that Tencents’ initiative for 2018 is to make this Mobile Moba game a world wide success.



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