Apple Developers earned over $26.5 Billion in 2017

Apple revealed that $26.5 Billion dollars was earned from developers in 2017.  This is a 30% growth from the previous year. (2016).

Apple representatives has also mentioned that the new app store had something to do with the growth in revenue as the final week in year end sales broke records, bringing in over $890 million in revenue.

” We are thrilled with the reaction to the new App Store and to see so many customers discovering and enjoying new apps and games”

– Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing

Apple and Google have taken 2 different approach in the way they started to promote products in the store as Apple remains a relationship based platform attempting to engage as many creative minds and bring them to the forefront of their platform whereas Google has taken the analytical approach promoting only the games that perform the best.

Now what the best means is still in question but when i was releasing my product back in October 2017, Google explicitly told us that if ‘your’ app does not have a rating above 4.0 we will not be featuring your game.  Which is insane, since beta testing your game will yield some angry players as the these testing phases will yield negative experiences at times.

But i guess this is just the way things roll in a centralized system we are living in currently.




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