Tencents Mobile Division out grows PC

Tencents Q2 FY17 released its 3 months ending financial report (Month Ending June 30, 2017) have been released and they reporting some huge numbers

Q2 FY2017 Tencent Reports $8.56 Billion
  • 59% Revenue growth from year to year
  • 68% Profit growth from year to year to $2.68 Billion

CEO and Chairmen of Tencent quotes, 

“”During the second quarter of 2017, we delivered strong revenue growth from multiple businesses, which enabled us to reinvest in innovations and new technologies in an increasingly competitive industry,”

The most notable number that jumped out in their financial report was the performance of their mobile portfolio as for the first time, the mobile division has exceed their PC portfolio in revenue in any given quarter.

Mobile division reported $2.2 Billion whereas
PC division reported $2.03 Billion.




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