Over 50% of publishers experience the bulk of revenue via Ads

According to Adcolony, their Summer of 2017 Mobile Publishing Survey reports that in app purchases accounted for 39% of total publisher revenue, Video Ads at 31% and Display ads at 20% for games on the mobile device.

Overall, Adcolony claims that over 51% of mobile publishers are experiencing the bulk of their revenue through mobile ads. (Whether it be Video or Display Ads)

This report was comprised of data from publisher with an average MAU (Monthly Active User) of 3 Million. and 82% of these publishers being game centric.

Publisher Perspective

The report also delves into what the most ads provides the best user experience, and Rewards Ads taking home 82% of the votes

When discussing with the publishers the best systems for monetizing their users, 75% of them feel the reward ads are the most effective means.  Although i seriously disagree with this statement, its all a matter of perspective and what type of game you’re building.  I generally see only 10% of my revenue come from ads and 90% from IAP, but thats just me and my product.

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