iPhones 10 year celebration and 1.16 billion sold and counting

According to Apple’s financial statement, its reported that Apple has sold over 1.16 billion iPhones as of March 2017.

Lets give a big round of applause for hitting a billi iphone sales, goddamit!!!

Newzoo has created a report that showcases iPhones staggering growth and impressive milestones they have achieved over the past 10 years.

Did you know:
    • The mobile industry contributes to over 4% of the global GDP, with over $3 Trillion dollars in revenue
    • 728 iPhones were in use as of April 2017, meaning over 63% of iPhones that were sold in the past 10 years were in use as of April 2017.  (insane)
    • 25% of smartphone used today globally are iPhones.
    • This year the app Economy will generate over $57.6 Billion in consumer revenue.


Further details about the Newzoos, 10 year celebration report can be found here



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