Gaming Market: Mobile vs PC go toe to toe in 2016 Revenue

According to DFC Intelligence the mobile market has generated over $30 Billion in revenue in 2016. This substantial growth are due to 1) China and 2) the mobile focused gaming companies that are understanding their market / user and developing a product specifically for these users instead of a cross platform experience.  Companies like Supercell, Niantic and Machine Zone are examples of this argument.  The $30 Billion mark is a 32% increase from the previous year and China’s Tencent and Netease has reported doubled their revenue from 2015.

Although major game development and publishing companies have not been a major player in the mobile market, companies like Square Enix and Bandai Namco are making significant strides in tailoring towards this massive mobile market with their well known IP.

Mobile goes toe to toe with PC gaming market

The most notably, for the first time, the mobile gaming market is going neck and neck with revenue versus the PC market.  Many different reports state different numbers but the ball park seems consistent.  The PC gaming market will generate around $30 + Billion in 2016 and so will the mobile gaming market.

As the mobile market continues to expand at an alarming rate, 2017 will probably be the year where the mobile gaming market will eclipse the PC gaming markets revenue as players find it easier and cheaper to play a mobile game versus your traditional console or PC business model.



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