Gree to shutdown Melbourne Studio

According to Kotaku Australia, rumor has it that on July 7, 2017 Gree Staff were told that they will be closing its doors for a complete shutdown.  Around 50 employees are staffed at the Melbourne, Australia office and just under 2 years was their run to make any significant impact on the business venture.  It seems the Melbourne, Australia suffered the biggest hit but it seems the other international Gree Studio were hit with redundancies but the numbers are currently unknown.

Gree Melbourne Brief:

  • Established July 2015 by acquiring the indie games company Twiitch.
  • Started off at 20 employees, grew to about 50 in the past year.
  • Worked on developing features for their NA titles ie; Knights & Dragons, Modern War
  • Working on a undisclosed title that will never see release due to the studio closure.
– Another one bites the dust –



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