Millionaire’s Run App, dangles $1 Million Cash Prize

On July 13, 2017, a team of Australian entrepreneurs teamed up with Code Heroes to launch an ambitious but unique way for players to enjoy their mobile app.  Millionaire’s run is a competitive endless runner where the top player is reward $1,000 every week and to top off with a $1,000,000 cash prize for the the actual winner of the entire tournament.

The concept itself is intriguing but its hard to understand how this game will be more than a blip in the mobile gaming era, as my concern for the app occurs once the tournament is over.  In order for this initiative to be successful the tournament is required to cover most of the overhead before experiencing any returns.

Endless Runners Arpdau usually range around $0.01 -$0.05

Below are the Overhead cost of the game:

  • Dev. Cost
  • Weekly Prize
  • $1 Million Prize
  • Operations / Marketing Cost

Now, if season 2 happens with another $1,000,000 Cash prize or even higher, these folks are definitely on to something and that’s when ill probably start crunching the viability of this model but as it stands, my opinions will stay on the sidelines.

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