Global Mobile Usage Trends

I discuss User Acquisition, re engagement, monetization mechanics, retention designs but to take a couple of steps back regarding why i do so much analytics on this column  is an attempt to simplify the complexity of this space. This post summarizes the high level post of this market and what type of beast, millions of developers look to battle with everyday.

Daily Mobile Internet Usage

The current 2017 mobile usage trend see the avg. Global users use their mobile phone over 112 minutes a day.  Expect this number to continue to increase until you start seeing reports about how using smartphones are bad for your health.

Daily Mobile usage

The average global user uses the mobile phone over 4 hours a day.

Avg. Time spent on App vs Mobile Web

Avg. Mobile User will use the app 86% of the time they use the phone versus 14% of time on the mobile web.  Expect mobile web to start taking a bit more of the market usage share in the next few years based on the growth of HTML5 and the influx of HTML5 gaming platforms that are being released in 2017.

Global Market Size

Global Mobile market is projected to react over an annual app revenue of $188.9 Billion by 2017. Notice that this is just for Mobile App, and mobile web hasn’t fully blossomed in the mobile market.  More growth is among us.

below is an infograph of the data i just mentioned.  $188 Billion market by 2020.  That’s massive!!


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