Bandai Namco and Drecom Partner to create HTML5 Studio: BXD

Its no secret that HTML5 is poking its head out in 2017 as both Rakuten and  Yahoo have announced their Mobile Gaming platform that runs on the back of HTML5,  Facebooks instant games leads the charge in the west and about a 100 different platform probably exist in China right now.

Recently, Bandai Namco and Drecom ( Makers of One Piece Treasure Cruise)  has partnered up to launch a new studio that focuses on developing HTML games for mobile called BXD.

A $2.1 Million investment, with a 51 / 49 percent split between Namco Bandai and Drecom have been announced with Bandai Namco’s GM of app development, Kouji Tezuka leading the way as the new studio head.

The studio will be focusing on porting their currently existing titles, ie Idolmaster, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and all the other major IP’s Bandai Namco library exist in the app store, along side developing new products going forward.

Slowly but surely HTML5 is looking like the new wave in tech for gaming and things will change quicker than people think,  a pivot is soon in the making.


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