Outsourcing Development Studios in Japan

Japan has an interesting application development eco system due to the high cost in wages.  This has led to many major developer or publishers to keep their teams small and outsource anything and everything they feel is a one off jobs.  This has led to the rise of many outsourcing studio domestically in attempt to fill these gaps..  Square Enix are well known for outsourcing most of their game development to outsourcing studios outside of the Console version of Final Fantasy IP. Namco Bandai is claimed to not even having a development studio and are pretty much a licensing and publisher machine with their strong IP library. Below is a list of development outsourcing studios in Japan:

Success https://www.success-corp.co.jp/developments
K2 Games http://k2-games.com/service/
Think Logic http://www.thinklogic.co.jp/service/service01.html
Esquadra http://esquadra.co.jp/
UEI http://www.uei.co.jp/solution/game-works/
Artdink http://www.artdink.co.jp/index.html
Red Entertainment http://red-entertainment.co.jp/
NJ Holdings https://www.njhd.jp/
Game Studio http://www.gamestudio.co.jp/index.html
Interlex http://www.interlex.co.jp/
Dazzle https://dzl.co.jp/
Pocket Queries http://www.pocket-queries.co.jp/index.html
C4On http://c4on.jp/
Otwo http://www.otwo.jp/
Sonic moov https://www.sonicmoov.com/
Edia http://www.edia.co.jp/
Increws https://www.increws.co.jp/
Techway http://www.tech-way.co.jp/
Adore http://adore.bz/
R-Force https://www.r-force.co.jp/service
Clinks http://www.clinks.jp/
Be-Higher http://be-higher.jp/
Magical Company http://www.mahou.co.jp/
Apomic http://apomic.com/
Hinata http://hinata3.co.jp/
Papaya Battery Development http://www.8818.co.jp/
Noise http://www.noise-games.com/


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