Japan and US Mobile Publishers make up for 2/3 of Mobile Market revenue in 2016

According to App Annie, 2/3 of the mobile revenue generated in 2016 came from the US or Japanese publisher which resumed their

The list was derived from the top 52 mobile publishing earners from the Google Play and iOS revenue from January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016, and the rankings does not take into consideration revenue earned through advertising and subscription from third party channels and purely from iAP.

Asia Dominance

The Asia – Pacific publisher dominance this year was no exception as 30 of the top 52 publishers hail from these regions.  But looking a little closer it seems that Japan and US are the clear cut winners in this space.  Pie Chart below represent the revenue shares per region, and Japan and US clearly control 2/3 thirds of the market share.


In Japan companies like

  • Mixi
  • Line
  • Gungho Online Entertainment
  • CyberAgent
  • DeNa
  • gumi inc.
  • Marvelous

Are all big players in the mobile market in Japan and don’t look to be slowing down.

Additional Notes.

Some noticeable shifts in the ranking makes way for an interesting 2017 as China is making a huge powerplay in this space. Companies like Tencent and and NetEase moved up in revenue from No. 6 to No.1 and No. 9 no No. 3 respectively.  China is becoming a market that cannot be ignored anymore and a lot of publishers are taking notice and developing their own China market plans for 2017.

See the full list below: Here



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