The Korean Gaming Markets, 1%

Back in 2015, the Korean Creative Content Agency reported that (KOCCA) the Korean Gaming Market has reached a gaming market of over $9.3 Billion US Dollars in 2015.  and projected to exceed $9.5 Billion in 2016.

Unfortunately, the top 1% of the gaming companies in Koreas share over 60% of this revenue. According to a survey of over 885 domestic companies in Korea, 82% of these firms report under $86,964 in yearly revenue.

As the gaming market continues to grow in Korea, it seems as if the top 1% of these company are only benefiting from this growth.

Below are the Top 10 Revenue Generating Korean Game companies for 2016.
Top 10 By Revenue (2016)
All figures in US Dollars.
1. Nexon – $1.61 billion
2. Netmarble Games – $1.3 billion
3. NCSoft – $855 million
4. NHN Entertainment – $561 million
5. Smilegate – $522 million
6. Com2us – $377 million
7. Gamevil – $132 million
8. 4:33 – $100 million
9. Sundaytoz – $69.3 million
10. Dev Sisters – $16.96 million



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