Advertisers double their spend on Apples Ad Search Service

Since the announcement of App Store Search Ads on September 20th 2016, AppsFlyer reports that Advertisers have doubled their spend on the Apple App store ad search service since its launch, during the period of October th to October 25th.

200% spending growth in 1 month, represents very healthy LTV, that advertisers are willing to spend.

Google play released their own version of Ad search on June of 2015 and immediately experience revenue growth thus igniting the product managers in Apple to develop their own ad search service.

For Apples Ad search service, AppsFlyer reports that the types of users that they acquire have a higher 7 day retention but a lower 30 day retention versus your traditional ad network model. They have also reported that, users that engage in this service average about 6 in-app action before downloading.

Other notable facts are:
–¬†Average length of a keyword is 2.4 words.
– 28% of ads used the exact names of competitor apps.
– 42% of keywords used were 2 words long, while 24% were 3 words.
– 34% of ads used General Intent keywords


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