Rakuten announces new Smartphone gaming platform, Yahoo to follow..?

Japan e-commerce company Rakuten has announced that they are planning open up their mobile gaming platform in Japan, sometime this month.

Headed by Shigenori Araki, and X Take Two, EA, Q Entertainment executive with a plethora of gaming market experience in Japan will has setup the the operation unit Rakuten’s new gaming platform.

The platform will be a browser based gaming platform optimized specifically for the smartphone.  With the announcement of this new mobile gaming platform, Rakuten has partnered up with California based start up Blackstorm Labs to develop this platform, investing over $33.5 million in this new venture.  Rakuten looks to release this platform first in the Japan market, where Rakuten’s majority customers subside and will look to branch out their division overseas based on the success in Japan.

With the release of this platform, Rakuten will serve as first party releasing their own games as long as opening this platform to the public for all 3rd party publishers to release  their game as well.  

Rakuten will be facing steep competition as Line has the majority market share for smartphone gaming platform in Japan and my sources has it that Yahoo is attempting the same initiative and are currently working on their own smartphone gaming platform.

Let the games begin.


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