Apple goes gaming through Japan

With Apple announcing its new product, the iPhone 7, Japan took the opportunity to brand the product in a different angle.  This year, Apple Japan chose to go gaming.

As Nintendo concedes to the market share and innovation of Apple and Google on the mobile front, Nintendo’s choice to go 3rd party was a huge step away from their core business strategy but a move in my opinion, the right direction.  Neglecting the 3rd party position as Nintendo  always chose to be a First Party player represented a shift in their business dynamic as  they have swallowed the pill of Business Pride and focus towards their core audience.  The youth.  

Nintendo was obviously feeling the pressure of losing the next generation youth, as they slowly moved away from portable consoles (Vita, and DS) and migrated over to mobile platform.  This ‘may’ be the biggest reason why it took Nintendo so long to enter this market. Choosing their core business values over your core community, is a huge decision.

Apple Japan took advantage of this opportunity and plan their iPhone release 7 announcement as the coming out party for Nintendo on the mobile platform,  which obviously has a bigger impact on a marketing and product stand point than the traditional next gen product showcase.  It’s very rare to see Nintendo show weakness and Apple is doing every bit to not look like this.

Apples efforts are being recognized as the introduction of their new product line up has several Nintendo headliners taking center stage:

  1. iPhone 7:  Nintendo’s First Mario game, “Super Mario Run” Exclusive to the iPhone
  2. iWatch:    Nintendo’s first mobile app, Pokemon Go and the compatibility with the iWacth

3) App Store: I have never seen something like on the app store but Apple has actually gone out of their way to create a “Notify” button on their App Store to help promote Nintendo’s First mobile title.  

Nintendo is a massive gaming giant, with huge community and a library of legendary IP’s and Im sure a lot of pressure is on Apple to make sure that this game / partnership becomes a success.

Good Luck Apple.


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