Nintendo finds traction with Pokemon Go

With the release of Pokemon GO in the United states, any and every game news outlet is either blogging, posting, or commenting on its success. One thing is for sure,

Nintendo has finally found a hit mobile product that they can build upon and unleash their massive library of IP and potentially take over the world…

Okay, maybe a little bit over the top, but since the release of Pokemon GO, the game is sitting comfortably at the top grossing (US) and it doesn’t look like it’s going to move anytime soon.

In light of its massive and immediate success, users are still trying to figure out how to balance their gaming and lifestyle as reports of accidents, breaking and entering, finding dead people in a river surfaces concerns about the actually game design.  But i guess it is true what they say, when they say bad press is still good press.  A CPI driven industry welcomes any type of media that gets people in the game.

Unfortunately, this cultural gaming phenomenon has yet to be released in its place of birth and the Japanese are not happy with the entire idea.

Niantic Asia Representative, Kenta Souga, tweets,

”Pokemon GO has been released in selected places in Japan and we apologies about inconvenience but the nationwide release will have to wait a little longer.”

The general public was not pleased at all, as i chuckle reading some of these tweets, for example

This individual is ordering Niantic Labs to announce the Japan release date.

This Japanese guy is getting salty watching an Australian guy playing Pokemon Go next to him on the train, that he’s just losing his mind.

With the release of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs will also be rolling out a standalone peripheral that lets users play without looking at your phone screen while playing.  Pokemon Go Plus, seems to be their solution for minimizing on the go gaming, but this will be a subject of debate when the game worldwide.  The release date for this peripheral has not been announced yet, but the price point has been set at $34.99.

Feature wise, the Plus resembles a Pokéball and a Google Maps pin smashed into 1, which connects to the game, and real world travel. Connected via Bluetooth and your smart device, users can clip it to your lapel or wear it to stay connected to your game at all times.

Nintendo has seem to have done it again with this AR gaming cultural phenomenon and may pave the way for games  that are being designed for the next couple of years.  Investors are already flocking to Nintendo stock, as it accumulated over $11 Billion in value since the release of Pokemon GO.


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