App Annie and Dentsu report on the Japan Mobile Market

App Annie has released a report regarding the Japan Market with the help of Dentsu, a Top Marketing firm in Japan, called the “A perspective on the Japan Mobile Application Market” or  「日本のゲームアプリ市場を理解する視点」

According to the report, it seems that from 2014 to 2015 the market / industry has grown 25% , which is quite significant growth.  Among those participating in the market, it seems over 90% of the revenue is generated by Japanese companies.  Regarding the number of download that are experienced in Japan, it is reported that its is 1/5 of what the United States experiences.

Although signs of Mobile Application growth in Japan is apparent, digging deeper into the numbers it seems that 2015 was the year of the publishers and the Top 10 titles in Japan amounted for over 50% of the revenue.  “RPG”, and “Casual Games” genre seem to be the predominant applications that occupy the top grossing games as 75% of the top grossing apps are RPG games.

It seems App Annie has concluded that, the ability to engage users and monetize users with RPG games is the direct result of why these types of applications monopolize the top grossing rankings in Japan.


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