List of Mobile Game Companies in Japan

rittle Throne has compiled a list of “mostly” all of the Mobile Game Developers and Publisher in Japan.  When i was compiling this list, i was a bit surprised with the number of companies but than again, Japan is a huge gaming culture.  So kudos to Japan!!  Keep up the good work!!

No Company URL Game Genre Notable Titles
1 (The) One of them inc. City Builder Usagi no Mofi
2 3rdKind Inc. City Builder / Simulation Snoopy $ Friends, Pirates Story
3 6waves Mobile RPG Strategy Age of 3 Kingdoms
4 ACQUIRE RPG Strategy Road to Dragons
5 Acrodea, Inc. TCG Nade Soccer
6 Acropolis Love Simulation Airi to oheya Yakyuuken
7 Aeria Inc Online RPG Klee
8 Aiming Online RPG Lord of Knights
9 Akatsuki Inc. RPG Strategy Thousand Memories, Dragon Ball Dokkan
10 Alim Co., Ltd. RPG Strategy Brave Frontier
11 AltPlus Inc. TCG, RPG Simulation Bahamut Brave, Emperors Saga
12 Ambition co.,ltd. Love Simutation Dream Girlfriend, Fairy Doll
13 Action RPG Divina Cute
14 anipani Love Simulation Dame Prince
15 Aniplex Mobile Action RPG Fate / Grand Order
16 Applibot TCG Gang Road
17 Arario Action Point Blank, Eternal City 3
18 Arc Systems Work Action Blaze Blue, Melty Blood
19 Asobimo, Inc. Action RPG Iruna
20 Asobism TCG, Action RPG Dragon Poker, Dragon League, Castle & Dragons
21 Ateam Inc. Action RPG Unison League, Sangoku Smash
22 Atlus Action RPG Persona Series, Odin Sphere
23 Avex Games Action Osomatsusan no hesokuri Wars
24 Bandai Namco All Genre Taiko no Tatsujin, Aikatsu Stars
25 Bank of Innovation Action RPG Cryptract
26 BlazeGames, Inc. Strategy RPG Little Noah
27 Blue Quest TCG, RPG Golden Frontier
28 Broad Media Action RPG The Last Remnant
29 Bushiroad Action, RPG Shiro Kuro Joker, Love Live
30 Capcom Action RPG Street Fighter, Monster Hunter
31 CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD. Shmup, City Builder, MMO Dodonpachi, Shirotsuku
32 Action RPG, TCG Wander Crown, Yuru Dorashiru
33 Cocone Simulation, Puzzle Pockey Colony, Listening Kingdom
34 Colopl All Genre Shironeko, Kuroneko
35 COSEN Action, Love Simulation Kingyo Hime, Wagaka Konekochan
36 Craft Egg Simulation Rainbow Run Girls
37 CROOZ, Inc. Action RPG, TCG, Puzzle Elemental Story, Dragon Wars
38 Crypton Future Media Inc Music RPG Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection
39 CyberAgent Inc. TCG, Action RPG Pocolon Dungeon, Tenku no Crystalia
40 Cybird Love Simulation, Sports BFB2016, Ikemen -Oku
41 Cygames, Inc. TCG, Strategy RPG Rage of Bahamut, Shadow Verse
42 D2C TCG NBA Dream Team
43 D3 Publisher Action RPG Bullet Girls Series
44 Dank Hearts Action RPG Hoshi no Rebellion
45 Dena TCG Othello-nia, Kaitou Royale
46 Digital Sky Entertainment Ltd. Action Strategy, RPG Sangoku Cross Saga
47 Dimps Corporation Action, Battle IC Card Dragon Ball
48 All Genre Laguna Strike Angels, Innocent Pain
49 Donuts Co. Ltd. TCG Tokyo 7th Sisters, Sengoku no Tora
50 Drecom Action RPG Gakeppuchi Bustards
51 DWANGO Simulation Meiji Tokyo Beauty
52 Dyno Entertatinment, Inc. Action RPG Highlander Quest
53 Edia Co.,Ltd. Action RPG Venus Blade, Magia Connect
54 eitarosoft Online RPG Brave Online, God Chronicle
55 ELECTRONIC ARTS Sports Tetris Monsters
56 EMIQ Inc. Love Simulation Tadaima Sangoku Bushousama
57 enish TCG, Simulation 12 Odins, Bahamut Crisis, Dragon Tactics
58 Falcom Action, RPG East Chronicles, Falcom Gakuen
59 Fuji Television Simulation, Strategy RPG Phantom of Kill
60 Fun Click Action RPG, Puzzle Mazenaruka Chronicles, Touch Summoner
61 Gala Japan Action RPG, Puzzle Flyff
62 GaLboa,Inc. Music, Action RPG Phrythmic, The Age of Discovery
63 Game On Action RPG Finger Knights
64 GameBank Action RPG Soul Gauge, Blade
65 Gameloft Japan All Genre Minion Rush, Order & Chaos II
66 GANBAREL Inc. Action RPG, Puzzle Sora no Arc, Love Cube
67 GCREST,inc Action RPG Magical Gear
68 Gee Plus Action RPG Pilgrim Saga, Sagoku Kingdom
69 geechs inc. Music Show by Rock, Idolish
70 GeNERACE TCG, Action RPG Cinderella Blade
71 GLAMBOX INC. Action RPG Stardust
72 gloops, Inc. All Genre Sky Lock, Laplace Link
73 GMO GameCenter All Genre Ensemble, Chain Heroes
74 G-mode Co., Ltd. Action RPG Skygalion
75 GNT Inc. Action RPG Monster Drive
76 Good Luck Action RPG Kaizokudan
77 good-place Casual Games Demon Numbers, Genki Ballz
78 Gree TCG Tanken Doriland, Tsuri Star
79 Grenge,inc Action RPG Pokolon Dungeon
80 grimoire Co.,Ltd. Action RPG Brave Sword x Brave Soul
81 GT Lab Casual Games Private Model, Jiomcha
82 gumi Inc. Action RPG Brave Frontier
83 Gungho Puzzle, Strategy RPG Puzzles & Dragon
84 hap Inc. Puzzle Tokyo Dead Ball
85 Happy Elements Simulation Game Ensemble Stars
86 Ichikaku Co., Ltd. Pachinko God Eater
87 ICJ Inc. Action RPG Monster Drive
88 Ignis Casual Games Mofu Mofu
89 KAYAC Inc. Sports, Action, RPG Pocket Football Plus, Bash Land
90 Ki-no Co.,Ltd. TCG Laevetienn
91 KITERETSU inc. Puzzle Zookeeper
92 KLab Music, Action RPG Love Live, Age of Empires
93 KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. All Genre Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive
94 Konami All Genre Powafuru Yakyu, Dragon Collection
95 Koramgame Action Divine Age
96 Level 5 RPG Yokai Watch
97 Liica TCG, Puzzle, Shmup G.G.G., Nazotomo
98 Link Kit, Inc. Casual Games Snow World
99 Marvelous Inc. City Builder, Action RPG Harvest Moon
100 Mihoyo Action RPG Hakai Gakuen
101 mixi, Inc. Strategy RPG Monster Strike
102 Mynet Inc. TCG Valkyrie
103 NewsTech Inc. TCG Pocket Soccer Club
104 Nexision Simulation Saibai Shounen
105 OBOK AIDEM Simulation Green Planet
106 ORATTA, Inc TCG, Action RPG Chloris Garden
107 Paon Action RPG Beymon Kingdom Omega
108 Piisu RPG Funya Ge
109 PlayNext Japan Inc. City Builder Tsugumi
110 pokelabo, Inc. TCG, Action RPG Samurai Kingdom, Sword of Phantasia
111 Ponos Action RPG, Casual Game Battle Cats
112 Q Entertainment All Genre Lumines
113 RealStyle Co., Ltd. Strategy RPG Sengoku Cross
114 Rekoo Japan City Builder, Action RPG Fantasy Drive, Sunshine Bokujyou
115 Sammy Networks Gambling, Pachinko 777 Town, Kindai Mahjong
116 SAT-BOX Casual Games Pixel Dash, Tank Defense
117 Sega All Genre Chain Chronicle, Puyo Puyo Quest
118 Showgate INC. Strategy RPG Girls & Panzers
119 Silicon Studio Action RPG, Strategy RPG, TCG Age of Ishtaria, Grand Sphere
120 Smile Lab Casual Games, RPG Cross Istaria, Nicotto Town
121 SNK PLAYMORE Fighting, Action King of Fighters, Metal Slug
122 Spike Chunsoft All Genre Teraria, Crypt of the Necromancer
123 Square Enix All Genre Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest
124 Strategy & Partners Co.,Ltd. TCG, Puzzle issho ni purupuru
125 Summer Vacation Inc Action RPG X Monster
126 Sumzap, Inc. TCG, Action RPG Kizna
127 SUNSOFT Pachiko Slot, Puzzle, RPG Oz no kuni no arukikata, Shanghai Musume
128 TAITO Corporation All Genre Puzzle Bobble, Idol Chronicle
129 TIAM Action RPG Diss World
130 Toydea Inc. Action RPG Dragon Fang
131 Vector TCG, RPG, Casual Games Arcana Magia, Rogue Like
132 Voltage, Inc. Love Simulation Love Ballad, First Kiss
133 WeMade Online Co.,Ltd. Action RPG Erakis
134 WHRP Casual Games Dash Heroes
135 Winlight Co.,Ltd.-eko TCG, Action RPG Elemental Knights, Elemental Master
136 Wright Flyer Studios, Inc. TCG Shoumetsu Toshi, Tower Rising
137 Yamaha Music Media Action RPG Ookami Musume, Magicolo
138 ZZYZX Action RPG Doubutsu Monogatari, Brave Lagoon
139 Nexon All Genre Maple Story, Mobinogi Duel
140 NHN / Hangame / Playart All Genre Crusader Quest
141 Net Marble Action RPG Seven Knights, Raven


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