Japan Concept Art Outsourcing Studios

As the demand for quality of the games increase, especially on the mobile front, fully developing a commercial product in house has become extremely difficult. Especially in Japan, dismissing or terminating employees requires a slew of documentation in front of the court of law to prove to the judge that the employee did not meet the requirements of the “Article 16 of the Labor Contract Act”  blah blah blah (another article to discuss this issue) this has caused Japanese companies to act extremely conservative on their hiring process.  Due to this mentality, utilizing outsourcing studios have become the norm for developing games in the Japanese developing eco system.  For example, its well known that none of Square Enix games are developed internally. They only hire producers and directors.

For those looking to work with one of these many Japanese outsourcing studios, this site compiles a list of all the many different “Concept Art” Outsourcing Studios in Japan.  We’ll look to create a list for all the other outsourcing studios for the different facets in game development.

Concept Art Outsourcing Studio URL
G-Angle http://www.g-angle.co.jp/illust/
Frontier Gate http://www.frontier-agent.co.jp/service.html
Spooky Graphics http://spooky.tv/
To The World http://totheworld.jp/
Ex Design http://www.exdesign.info/illust.php
Panda Graphics http://panda-graphics.net/
Standard Professional http://standard-group.jp/index.php
Game Graphics http://gamegraphics.jp/
Ace Technology http://ace-design.info/
Whomor https://whomor.com/illust/
Smast http://www.smast.jp/
Booklive Art Studio https://www.booklive.co.jp/artstudio/index.html
Mugen UP https://mugenup.com/
Crowd Gate https://www.crowdgate.co.jp/cor/
Attractive http://www.attractive.co.jp/illust.html

 Update:  April 27, 2016

If you’re looking for independent concept artist in Japan, one of the best places to find them is at pixiv, which is the Japanese Version of Deviant Art


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