Nintendo releases its first Smartphone game

March 17 2016, marks a historic event in the gaming industry as the  conservative gaming giant Nintendo has swallowed its pride and has released its first application as a 3rd party publisher on the mobile app store 10 years after the initial release of the smartphone.  Nintendo, a “toy” company, but globally known as a game company was established in 1889, and in its 126 years of existence, this marks the first time it has actually published a game that wasn’t on their own platform, called

“miitomo”. Born from the partnership with DeNA, although a questionable choice of game to make as a pilot, it seems that they still are not fully embracing the smartphone renaissance as “miitomo” is a social game where you create your own avatar and communicate amongst other miitomo friends.

Of course you can connect with your Wii Miitomo friends and im assuming this strategy here is to link your mobile users and Wii users to play cross platform.  Possibly the objective is to obtain new users from mobile and show them how amazing Nintendo products are in turn have them purchase a Nintendo Wii.  If this is the case, than Nintendo is way too far behind the curve to say the least.  As Nintendo becomes more and more irrelevant in the gaming circle and the youth become more absorbed with youtube and mobile content, it saddens me to say that the new youth generation could quite possibly grow up not understanding the impact of Mario and Zelda really was for the gaming industry.

Minus all the hate and the miss steps Nintendos has accomplished over the last 10 Years, it seems miitomo is finding success early in its released as its reported that over a million people have downloaded the app 3 days after release and currently only available in the Japan region.  It’ll be interesting to see how far it goes up in the gross ranking as it currently is non existent, which again raises eyebrows on their intent with this application release.

Needless to say, lets congratulate Nintendo for actually taking the first plunge into the mobile world and hope to see more and more Nintendo IP out in the Mobile space.


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