Gungho / Tencent announce Puzzles & Dragons to release in China Q1 2016

Gungho, the developers of the mega hit mobile game, Puzzles & Dragons have announced that they have pushed back the release date of the Chinese version of Puzzles & Dragons to Q1 2016.

They had originally announced that they look to release this game during the Christmas holidays but it seems data taken from the beta testing period has shown the operation team in Tencent that they will need to add more features to the game for the Chinese users to fully enjoy the release.

Tencent is well known for paying huge minimum guarantees for well known IP’s to release in the Chinese Market.  It is no surprise that they have signed the deal with Gungho to release Puzzles & Dragons in China.  I understands that delays are an inevitable process in game development these days but there are a lot of questions around this release, since Tencent tried this business model with Mixi’s Monsters Strike, and failed miserably.

It will be interesting to know how well Puzzles & Dragons a 4 year old game, does in China since this model has been rinsed and repeated in the China market a millions times after its initial release.


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