Gunosy, announce domestic (Japan) game media subsidiary

Gunosy, a curation based news app tailored for the Japan market has announced that they have created a subsidiary company that will be focusing mainly on the domestic gaming market called “Game 8”

A bit of a background of Gunosy, they are a publicly listed company (6047) that went IPO in April 2015.  They are news curation based company with a reported over 12 million download on their application.  They have managed to enter the curation boom at its early stages (2014) and have created a strong community to go ipo.  Their main business model are native marketing, and ad networks.

Creating a game specific media app seems to be a no brainer for Gunosy, as the Japanese community is extremely supportive of the gaming industry and providing a richer experience to the end users is a need for the current market.  This is due to the cluster $#%# that is going on in the internet right now with everyone posting their own material whenever they want.  Having industry professionals providing a service to filter out the good and bad is something that we will be seeing for every industry in the future and is will be the topic of discussion for innovative products in the next couple of years.

“Game 8” is reportedly already experiencing 10 million MAU that access’ their application and “Game 8”

You can find the web version here.


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