Line to release a Live streaming platform “Line Live”

Line inc, has announced the release of their live streaming platform “Line Live” for the iOS and Android market.

Line has been phasing in this product since 2014, when they announced, ” Line Live Cast” where they choose selected number of talents and artist to live stream their lives. In May 2015, Line streamed “Shokotan Denpagumi” and experienced over 2.3 million comments, and with this success, they have realized the demand was their to continue to build on the Line Live product.

Line will continue to push the active Line users to stream “Line Live” to populate this space and currently the service is only provided for registered talent and artist to create accounts as they look to increase the feature size so that any users can start streaming their special life. ┬áThis is scheduled to be released sometime in 2016.

Currently, the services is limited at selected times due to high traffic with their core product and look to optimize this process as Line users slowly filter into the product.


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