Apple drops the BAN – Hammer on

On October 7th 2015, Mobile content Developer, Nagisa has received the ban hammer on all their apps and their account has been completely wiped and banned. 
A company that has released over 20 apps onto the app store and experiencing over 20 million download in total in their portfolio, their account has been abolished from the Apple iOS App store.

Why did Nagisa get banned?

One of their popular app, a comic E-reader they have released in the market called “Manga Musou”  and “Manga Hime” experiencing over 2 million downloads, allows users to read manga on demand whenever and wherever through their app. Nagisa’s business model was to sell extra chapters in each manga.  The problem was that the developers created a back door portal for user to enter “Adult Content”  that wasn’t visible during the apple screening period.  After apple approved the build the developers would commence a server switch and open a gateway for the users to enter the adult content portion of the app.
Apple caught word of this and warned them several times to remove the adult content off their application but it seems that the money was too good for Nagisa to oblige and kept the app as is.

As of October 7th 2015, Nagisa-inc no longer exist on the Apple app store.

RIP Nagisa

Moral of the story is, Apple is smarter than you so don’t try to sell adult content in your app or you’ll get banned


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