2015 Tokyo Game Show Round up

From September 17th to the 19th, CESA (Computer Entertainment Service Association) held their annual Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe.  This years event has experienced the 2nd most participants with 268,000 people attending the show to date.  The most was back in 2013, when Microsoft and Sony announced their new consoles with 271,000 attendees attending the show.

This years TGS event was themed around the concept 「もっと自由に、GAMEと遊ぼう。」translation:  “Lets play games more freely”

With that said, 480 different companies showcased their latest products (246 of them being overseas companies) at the event that stemmed not just games but web related products.  Traditionally known as a console based show where the triple A companies showcase their new titles, similar to E3 in the states has transitioned itself to more of an IT based show, where anywhere from Web Streaming, App Store, Mobile games companies are showing off their new product or service.  New comers that had noticeable booths were, youtube, twitch and amazon.

With that said, there were companies that were missing that are or were huge players in the gaming industry:
Microsoft: They announced early in the year that they will be pulling out of TGS this year, probably because of their dismal performance in Japan. During the week of 8th and 14th June, it was reported that only a 100 xbox one consoles were sold.  Which is absolutely disappointing for any console. Last year Microsoft have already started their massive restructuring phase as many top executives have been forced to resign.  Most notably the former Head of Xbox Japan, Takashi Sensui.  It seems as their business ethics have reached the breaking point as their original business model was enticing Publisher how much money they would make on their console instead of actually caring about the game.  Is this an end of an era for Xbox (Translation: Bad Box) in Japan.  I think ill be writing a completely different post about this.

Gungho / Mixi:  Were also not around to showcase their massive hit games (Puzzles & Dragons, and Monster Strike) and it seems that the reason behind their absence is due to a team of analysts concluding that its not very cost efficient to even open up a booth at TGS since the ROI will not make any sense.  They feel that their game has reached full market penetration and didn’t see the point.  I guess they are not working on any new titles…

Overall, it was good to see a lot more diversity at TGS this year and how gaming/IT entertainment industry are changing hands. Great for a lot of start up.


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